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Food and internet, the two leading trends in the current generation, that the food industry thrives on. Business is booming, but how feasible is it for you to invest in online ordering, over dine-in and take-out? How much time can it save, and how will it promote your restaurant? Is creating an order-online service worth it, or should you get an employee to sit and receive phone calls and quickly and accurately try to type the information into the system over the noise and bustle? Below are some ways you can benefit from using a digital platform.

  • Appeal to Wider Audience

    The internet is a huge place. Think of how much more business you can generate if your restaurant appears all over the radius around your business rather than to just those who dine-in or get home deliveries. You can attract an unbelievable number of customers with the right marketing.

  • Loyalty Programs

    You can make sure you don’t lose customers by offering concessions, deals, discounts and freebies specific to those who regularly order online. This way, you can encourage more people to place online orders and promote future visits, while attracting new ones.

  • Better Engagement and Customer Service

    You can interact much better with your customers by personally asking for feedback, online reviews, and a database with food pictures they could post directly on your page. You can also tend to complaints better, and offer better customer service.

  • Easier Business

    Communication is easier, data that is entered online offers a lesser chance of miscommunication; it’s accurate to the word and can be specific to the client’s requirements alongside customizability options. Furthermore, you’d be likely to attract more people who’d prefer eating at home and avoiding long phone calls or drives.

  • Alerts

    You can create an app for your restaurant and use the push notification to keep in contact with your customers by alerting them about new deals, changes in menu, discounts, and events.

  • Customer data

    Demographic information can help you store customer information and track down their address, numbers, names and other data from previous orders, which is a convenient idea and a great time saver, as well as an easier way to remember the regulars of your clients.

  • Pre-bookings, reservations

    An online app or page makes the whole process of making bookings or reservations much easier and smoother, for both you and the customer. It can be done in a more specific and systemized manner online, rather than driving to the restaurant or making long, confusing phone calls.

  • Smoother process

    It’s a nuisance for both the owners and customers when there’s a shortage in seating space on weekends, or too much noise in the restaurant keeps the waiter from hearing you. Online ordering saves everyone from this hassle and eliminates the possibility of mistakes in the order. Not only this, but it also lets the shy ones order from you, who’d otherwise be too anxious to make phone calls.

  • Social Media Integration

    Since social media is a huge deal now, there is no better way to sell your business. You can get a much better response and easier marketing by using your page or app as a tool. Rather than waste money on brochures and banners, get sponsored on Facebook or Instagram to have your new ad automatically appear on everyone’s page.

  • Directions

    Although most people now prefer ordering in, hungry ones on the road will go straight to the closest restaurant they can find; they won’t spend time trying to find your franchise. Luckily, you can opt for the built-in GPRS Navigation feature, which also enables your delivery boys to get the food to its destination on time more easily.
    The 21st century has offered you the opportunity to double your business with lesser sweat, blood, and tears. The internet is in, apps are in, and so is food which can be delivered right to your doorstep at the push of a few buttons on your phone.

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