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Alternatives to Food Delivery Aggregators

When you are a newbie business owner, just learning the ropes of the industry, delivery can be the fastest way to attract customers and get the cash flowing. With food aggregators being the easiest way in, they are great for getting started. However, when the transactions build-up and your goodwill begins to take form, the costs that come attached to aligning with food aggregators start to stack up and feel like a burden.

If you are have been thinking or searching about the terms such as ‘Menulog alternatives,’ ‘Uber Eats alternative,’ or even ‘Deliveroo alternative,’ then you have arrived at the right place! Read on to know your options.

In-House Delivery

As the brand grows, entrepreneurs look for ways to cut costs and areas where customer complaints are high and are outside the control of the business. The most obvious alternative to food aggregators is to develop an in-house delivery system. Having direct control means eliminating commissions, and reducing and adding offers as per convenience.

However, delivery alternatives like in-house delivery or 3rd party delivery companies come with severe disadvantages. It is a time-consuming process that takes years in the making. On top of that, it is quite costly. Hiring staff, developing a robust online system, and buying the right assets inevitably leads to draining of the bank account and the results are not guaranteed. Smaller brands have reported astounding results after partnering with tech platforms such as OrderArt.


OrderArt offers affordable end to end digital solutions to restaurants. We believe in providing a fully connected experience from order placement to delivery; so all you have to focus is on getting the food right! Our packages are customized to accommodate every business need without being a strain on your pocket.

Apart from organizing your deliveries and ordering without additional costs or commissions, we also assist in providing themes that are engaging and custom-built for restaurants. Via our helpful tools, including Restaurant Website Design, Restaurant Website Builder, our clients have reported astounding figures.

We know that the driving factor of any business is ensuring the best customer experience, and we achieve that with zero errors and no delays, all the while resulting in massive cost savings.

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