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Online ordering for restaurants is no longer just an option for those restaurants owners who are looking to increase sales. Instead, it is a necessity.

Do you own or manage a restaurant? If yes, then you should make online ordering one of the central parts of your website. Restaurants are crossing a digital milestone. In fact, reports show that the number of orders placed online is now higher than the total number of orders placed verbally over phones.

Here are more reasons why investing in online ordering is the way to go:

  • It improves restaurant operations

    Investing in online ordering can create operational efficiency in the restaurant in various ways. First, it improves order accuracy because the customers will be placing correct orders online, and there is no chance of misunderstanding them on the phone. Secondly, customers place orders after paying for them. Pre-payment usually removes a whole step in the process, hence increasing efficiency. Last but not least, it frees up your staff from having to be slaves to the phone. They can actually process the order at their convenience.

  • It’s the best way to collect important customer data

    Investing in online food ordering is the best way to know your customers beyond their names and faces. Great online ordering systems capture customers’ ordering preferences, emails and purchase history. You can use such data to design customized emails that you can use in email marketing.

  • It keeps the cost transparent

    An online ordering system makes the entire buying process transparent. Your customers can see how much they are supposed to pay, and there are no any hidden costs or guesses as to what the final amount will be. This will help you earn the trust of your customers, and this is great for your restaurant business.

  • Staying ahead of competition

    Even though most customers, especially millennials, prefer ordering items online, the majority of restaurants don’t have online ordering systems. This means that providing the option of online ordering will allow your restaurant to stand out and compete even against the most established restaurants.

  • Monitoring your expenses in real time

    Online ordering is a system that gives accurate current and historical revenue information, especially about the cash flow in your restaurant, types of dishes sold and other customer trends. These metrics allow the business owners to fine tune their operations, reduce expenses and be more profitable.

  • Convenience

    People today are looking for convenience. Online ordering for restaurants allows customers to place orders from wherever they are. This saves them a lot of resources and time. The general public will always order from restaurants that provide convenience because that’s what they crave.

  • Saves money

    Online ordering for restaurants eliminates the need to have an employee who is dedicated to only taking orders from customers who are calling to make orders. When you invest in online ordering, you won’t have to employ someone solely for the purpose of taking orders, and this will save the business a lot of money and space.

  • Saves time

    Taking orders verbally on phones is tiring and problematic. First, talking to customers and taking their orders consumes a lot of time. Secondly, taking orders through phone calls limits the number of customers who can make orders at a time because some of them will have to wait while other phone calls are being received. Investing in online ordering eliminates all these frustrations. It is a much more efficient system that will save time and allow you to accommodate more customers.

  • Reduces noise

    For your restaurant business to be successful, you must provide the best guest experience by eliminating anything that can negatively affect your guests. One way of doing this is by investing in online ordering because it will reduce or eliminate the noise and non-stop distraction that usually come from the constant ringing of the phone as customers call to place orders. Online ordering for restaurants means that the orders are only entered into the POS system quietly.


Online Ordering for restraunts is a sure way to grab the attention of customers and to improve the operations of the business while keeping the costs down and maximizing profits.

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