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How To Get Better At Food Inventory Management?

Food Inventory management is highly crucial while running an online food ordering platform or a restaurant ordering system. You don’t want to serve spoiled dishes to your customers and lose face in front of your competitors. But as much as it is important, inventory management can be a bit tricky. Here are some cheat codes that could help you optimally manage the food inventory of your online ordering system.

Food Inventory Management

Create A Specialised Taskforce:

Food inventory management is not a one-man job. It requires a team of highly efficient, diligent, and committed people. So, the first and perhaps the most vital step at optimum management is identifying the employees that fit that bill and briefing them up on the objectives. The members could then guide other workers, namely chefs and waiters, to report on any spillage, wastage, leftovers, and such and keep track of what goes in and out. At the end of a fixed cycle, a detailed report of the same could be mapped out.

Examine And Manage Stock Levels:

Telling your loyal patrons that you’re out of a certain ingredient, so they can’t get the dish they’ve ordered is bad for business. On the other hand, hoarding a particular item when there is no need for it is also unwise from the financial perspective. You’ll end up spending loads of cash on something that won’t bring in profits. Thus, it is essential to manage the stock levels, so you never have too much of something, nor have little of anything. This will prevent wastage and keep the customers that give you good business happy.

Track What Goes In And Out:

Keeping a watchful eye on what has been added to the inventory and what has been subtracted and keeping a log of it all can prove to be immensely helpful in optimal management. You always want to be on top of things and know almost immediately if there are any discrepancies in the official books.

Minimize Wastage:

Try to ensure that the inventory of your online ordering website on paper matches your inventory of off-paper. The one way to do this is to avoid any wastage or spillage from occurring. Instruct the waiters, the chefs, and all the other kitchen workers to handle their load efficiently. In case there are any accidents, the same should be reported to someone from the inventory management team almost immediately, so the log of the same could be kept, lest any discrepancies crop up.

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