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Website Tips ForBest Customer Experience

In this digital age, your website is what catches your customer’s interest in your restaurant. Beautiful user interface and optimum user experience are criticalinensuring maximum visibility. Follow these tips to design the best website there is!


Easy Navigation

A user-friendly website is synonymous to ease of navigation. A restaurant website development must take place with a mindset of how users will see the website and not how the team uses it internally. Don’t make customers work too hard in figuring out how to scroll or navigate. If they find it too time-consuming, they might leave the website, which would lead to a high bounce rate and low search engine visibility.


Granular Order Customisation

For fussy users, your website must provide granular order customisation. Inculcate the scope of personalisation like the need for extra salt, reduced sugar, specifications in delivery like not ringing the bell,or the addition of extra cutlery. Ensure that this doesn’t complicate the ordering process too much, ultimately making it less user-friendly.


Transaction Details

For online orders, make sure that there’s effective and automated communication with emails and SMS for transactions. The customer must receive an invoice, detailing the transaction and their order details as soon as the order is placed. It provides a sense of security to the customer and increases the chances of them ordering again.


Detailed Menu

The first thing that the customer looks up is the menu. The graphics should be attractive, easy to read, and list details like allergens on dishes, the updated price, and appealing photos of dishes. Add categories like Veg, Non-Veg, Starters, Main Course, and Beverages; and a separate online ordering menu. If your restaurant features seasonal menus, post it on your social media handle and direct the website visitors to it.Or you can display your social feed on the website if you don’t want them to leave your website.


Customer Feedback

Customer’s opinions are essential for the success of any business. Asking for feedback makes the customers feel valued and helps reduce their grievances. For easy customer feedback, create a feedback form at the end of the landing page. Ensure that you don’t ask unnecessary information as it might kill the motivation to fill it. Just include details like name, a star rating and an optional explanation of the review. Remember, every feedback matters.


Easy Login

Make use of social logins on the website, since it doesn’t take too much time and maintains customer’s interest. If you ask for the user to manually add details, they might leave the website and seek for the less tedious one.


A website significantly enhances your visibility, and incorporating these tips into your website will boost the customer experience manifolds. If you do not want to spend much on getting a website developed, make one yourself! Just search for the best website builder for restaurants, and you are good to go.

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