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Anyone who has ever run a successful restaurant knows that the key to restaurant success is customer experience and satisfaction. When people go out to eat with their friends and family, they want more than good food. They want an experience. In fact, it’s been shown that consistency and convenience are often times even more important to restaurant goers than the food. People will still go to a restaurant with sub-par food if the atmosphere is what they are looking for, they can get in easily without a long wait and the food is consistently sub-par. People are creatures of habit and convenience and they want to know what they can expect.

If you want on-going customer loyalty, then you need to make it as easy as possible for a customer to be loyal. Not only do your food and menu choices have to be on par with all of your surrounding restaurants but so does your atmosphere and ease of ordering. You have to create an atmosphere that lends you to a higher customer satisfaction and that usually means you’ve got to make things easy. Your service needs to be top notch and so does your web and mobile based platforms.

Most restaurants these days have some type of online presence. If they don’t, they probably looking to build that now. In a world that is run more and more online, it’s imperative that your online presence reflects who you are and what you do. Your website needs to reflect your brand and the ability to order food online needs to be easy and user friendly.

That’s where an online ordering website that is functional, easy to use and reflective of the brand comes in strong. A lot of services out there offer the functionality to order online, but unfortunately they don’t reflect the brand values of the restaurants they are listing. They don’t showcase every restaurant for it’s individual uniqueness and options. They also don’t usually showcase the restaurant’s contact information or stay up to date with the menu changes. Instead they charge restaurants high fees to list them with a bunch of other restaurants in a hard to use and navigate system that not only frustrates the customer but also usually doesn’t even list the restaurant high enough in the search results to get any additional attention to the restaurant in question. Not only that, but these third party restaurant listings are in direct competition to your own website and are also marketing and promoting other restaurants for your potential customers to choose from. None of this makes any sense if you are trying to create loyal customers. Instead, we can offer a better way. We will help you build a premier online ordering website that will help you create a loyal customer for life. After all, creating customer loyalty is as easy and hard as creating a reliable and convenient experience for the customer every time.

If you want repeat customers and repeat orders then you need to make it easy for them to order. That sounds simple, in theory, but so many restaurants have a hard time executing that on a daily basis. A lot of restaurants thought they were creating a certain customer experience by being hard to find, and even harder to get into, and they made their menu items unclear. They thought they were creating an “exclusivity” that would lend them to being a different experience than all the other restaurants in the area. What they found was that they were merely creating an experience that no one wanted. They may have had their few “regulars” that knew where and how to find them, but they couldn’t create the sort of experience that would lend their restaurant to long-term success and growth. That’s where we come in. We are in the business of helping you create a positive and consistent dining experience for your customer every time. We may not be able to help you consistently serve the best food in the area- we’ll leave that up to you and your expertise, but what we can do is help you serve up the best and most consistently easy customer ordering experience on the market. That’s what we do, that’s what we are good at and that’s what we are going to promise for you.

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