Bots & Automation


Even if you are a little wary of technology, you cannot deny that it is impossible to do everything. Dipping your toes in every task will not get you across the finish line, but will leave you stranded somewhere in the middle.

Delegation, at the right time, is a smart way to get things done. But, how to delegate without the stress of managing human resources and the costs? Your answer is - OrderArt's bots and automation!

OrderArt has pioneered in automating complex customer interactions with world class Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning algorithms.

With cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning, a human dialogue is created between the customers and the system. General enquiries, Reservations or anything else that’s important to your business, we help automate it. And No, it isn't just automated or bland responses without paying heed to what the caller actually requires. Our machine learning algorithms also pick up on when it's essential to reroute the call for a human interaction!

Our automation is highly intuitive and constantly improvising to mimic human interaction and asking perceptive questions for information, without the stress of answering multiple lines at the front of house. Suppose the caller wants to make a reservation, it automatically gets fed into the bookings and Admin Application resulting in effortless management.

Our clients are already reaping bots and automation's benefits, and you can easily be the next. Take a look:

24*7 Availability

Having someone be available 24*7 is difficult, and don't even get us started on the costing aspect of it! In situations like these, technology can be of immense help. You can set up the system to inform about your working hours, grab bookings while you’re asleep and nudge callers to call back or assure them of a callback.


OrderArt's brilliantly crafted system gives you the option of selecting what your customers hear and the customer experience that's pretty close to human interactions. Customise IVR options, retries, opt to transfer or transfer on error, hold music, questions to ask and convert speech to text replies that feed straight into Orderart existing applications.

Fast and Easy Updates

Based on the type of customer interaction with the bots the notification workflows kick in to send the confirmations to the customers via an sms and emails. The full loop of calling interaction and customer notifications is what drives an amazing experience.

Improved efficiency

With everything sorted and in place, you will be able to handle operations better too. With mundane tasks out of the way, it is time to turn your attention to interesting things!

That’s all good, but what if I needed it to do more?

OrderArt’s the genie, and we are here to grant wishes! We understand that with the evolution of social media and communication channels, not all customers call. Some prefer to text, some slide in the DMs, and some even ask Alexa! We have got all that covered:

Automated SMS Reservations and Enquiries

Our uniquely developed bots can converse flawlessly in the local lingo. Taking reservations and answering queries that come in via text will now become much easier, especially when you don’t have to allocate specific resources towards it.

Customer Interactions via Alexa

“Hey, Alexa! Can you book a reservation for me with Michelangelos?”

We have nailed the integration with Alexa when the customer reaches out with general queries or reservation requests. Alexa handles it for your customers at midnight, without you being disturbed!

Customer Interactions via Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp

When a customer visits your business page on Facebook and sends you a DM about opening hours or inquiring about the menu, would you want to drop running your business and type away at every query? Nope! Is it wise to let automated bots handle it instead of hiring someone and upping your operational costs? Yep!

Same goes for customers trying to hit your business number up at Whatsapp! OrderArt has everything covered. Our innovative automated systems constantly interact and ensure that no reservation slips through the crack - Every booking and every table counts!

Sounds Promising, how will it help my business?

Who doesn't want to stay ahead of the game with a little bit of innovation mixed in? Our modern solutions help businesses to:

Look and sound professional with a clear, automated greeting.

Route calls smoothly.

Scale operations easily without the hassle of hiring more staff.

You will agree that a smooth customer service experience is essential for retention. Moreover, since you will be busy running the business, customer services actually interact with your buyers. It represents your image, mission, and value.

OrderArt has crafted a new-age system that will elevate your customer support game. If a caller is happy, you get free word of mouth advertising!