When customers come in to quell their hunger pangs, the first thing that they notice is the huge attractive LED screen displaying a delicious menu, absolutely delectable pictures of food, and offers – this is digital signage.

Show What You Have Got!

OrderArt believes in putting your best foot forward, and what better way to do it than blasting relevant information, designed bewitchingly (may we add!), on a giant HD screen. It instantly captures your customers’ interest without any effort from your end.

Digital signs do not always have to be yapping about the boring stuff or doing self-promotion. Puns, interesting quotes that go with your business’s aesthetic, showcasing your social media, and even educating people in a fun way, can be done digitally.

In times where capturing consumers’ fleeting attention has become increasingly challenging, LED signs are the way to go. They help you upsell different products, that may not be even that popular, lend personality to dull interiors, and there is no fear of outdated content as you can change it in a snap!

OrderArt To The Rescue!

Easy Installation - Installation of signages is probably the easiest part, curating, deciding, and maintaining what gets displayed is where the work is at! After advising you, OrderArt does not leave you stuck in limbo! We help you design exciting content and help to control the information. We stick by our clients throughout the process!

Customizable Content - The world is your oyster – whether you want to play content on a loop, showcase engrossing multimedia, schedule when the information goes live and changes customized as per rush hour, special nights, control information in real-time, or manage users, you can do it all!

We help you create a library of compelling and call-to-action content that we manage and curate too! OrderArt specializes in keeping with the trends and ensuring that their clients stay on top, regardless of the current “fad”.

Getting started is easy! Contact us for a demo or to let us demonstrate how digital signage has worked wonders for our clients, we guarantee that once you inculcate it, there shall be no regrets!