Point of sale solution


Point of Sale Solution

OrderArt’s Point of Sale Solution (PoS) stacks the odds in your favour. It gives you that competitive edge that will be vital to help your business soar.

OrderArt’s PoS is an intuitive and state-of-the-art system that helps streamline crucial operational elements of your business with little to no supervision. We help you do what you are truly passionate about – running a restaurant.

Whether the establishment is a bar, café, fine dining, or pub, our highly customizable software and services suit every requirement you may have, we cover everything from POS ordering, table ordering, requesting a driver, customer database, SMS & Email marketing, loyalty programs, promotions, discounts and reporting.

Sounds Awesome, but What Does it Do?

Restaurant Menu Integration

OrderArt’s PoS can handle all sorts of complex menu configurations that allow you to modify the dishes, upsell and cross-sell add-ons for all of that extra wallet share. It goes above and beyond when it comes to updating the menu, adding items, changing ingredients, adding information, prices and more.

With one simple click, you can make changes across both platforms - in-house POS and online website. The two systems always remain in sync. We make menu management a breeze of a task.

Integrated Different Types of Orders

With orders coming in via phone and from physical tables, it gets hard to keep tabs. With OrderArt’s PoS, it is easier to segregate and manage punching orders, editing them, and finalizing a sale. Our unified system delivers a perfect reporting resource for easy accounting.

Request A Driver

With an affordable and flat rate monthly subscription you can offload the stress of last mile delivery to us. Whether it is website orders or phone orders punched into the Orderart POS, requesting a driver is super slick, reliable and cost effective. The process is fully automated, keeps the customer and restaurant staff in sync for an always on time delivery.

Book A Table

Your customers book a table from your website and others prefer to call to make a reservation. Why go through the hassle of managing multiple booking schedules when it makes sense to manage it all in a single interface? Let our integrated system enable your staff to manage both in a single view. With a native POS platform as part of the overall system, managing dine-in reservations from multiple channels (phone, website, Automated IVR or SMS) couldn’t get more convenient. Customers are always reminded with a confirmation SMS to reduce the no shows.

Loyalty Programs

Retaining customers is a rare art. While many people struggle with people walking out the door and never returning, our clients enjoy a high retention rate. OrderArt’s PoS can manage a rewards-based program on every order placed and dollar spent. With loyalty programs, right digital marketing, sending out timely SMS and Email alerts from within the platform, it works like magic for customer retention.

Easier Promotion of Events and Discounts

OrderArt’s PoS has a built-in option of applying valid promo codes and discounts that are working at the time of ordering. It gets much easier to evaluate data for active promotions and conclude the winning offer. Implementing marketing strategies that yield increased sales should be easy and that's the way it is with Orderart.

Customized Ordering

Ordering with OrderArt’s PoS is a breeze. It is easy to add on items, even after the first round has been punched in. The screen will also display the array of extras and dietary options to ensure that customers get exactly what they ask for and are appropriately billed without missing a beat.

In case a diner wants to move from table to table or attach another table’s bill to themselves, our innovative system also facilitates and gives the option of transferring the order and the bill.

Analytics and Reporting

OrderArt’s PoS also assists in analyzing key trends and performance through insightful reports. Our all-in-one dashboards help you to pinpoint exactly what’s working and what’s not. Overall sales, staff sales, booking report, promotion reports, modes of payment, types of orders all come quite handy when you’re in a review mode.

OrderArt’s PoS is highly scalable and customizable. We care to understand the industry's real challenges and build reliable solutions that seamlessly bridge between a variety of complex workflows.