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Restaurant Website Design & Development Services

It is hard to deny the importance of having an incredible website. While your competitors are busy turning clicks to customers, why should you be far behind?

However, finding someone who knows the cutthroat restaurant industry through and through can be difficult. Good service providers are hard to come by, and we get it. Allow us to introduce you to – OrderArt!

What Makes OrderArt Different?

We have undergone painstaking efforts and put in years of research for the hospitality industry. We understand that you, a business owner, want to run and focus on operations, while an expert takes the reign on establishing your digital presence. For us, every client is different, and you are not just another “service” that we are imparting. Your bottlenecks become ours, and with unmatched dedication, we help you rise up, dish by dish, order by order.

The biggest challenge that small business owners face is – severe lack of experience and knowledge, and unable to justify the dedication of limited resources. This is where OrderArt’s competitive pricing and the customisable package comes in. Yep, we really have thought about everything!


Restaurant Online Ordering System

While you may have captured the physical realm of running the business, the digital space is another dimension altogether. Quick and easy online ordering for restaurants has become all the rage. Watch your sales grow as you push those piping hot dishes out and bring the money in!

OrderArt has curated a state-of-the-art online food ordering system that allows your customers to do much more than order food. With easy-to-use widgets and intricate personalisation, it stands out from the other restaurants with online ordering. Insanely fast, shockingly efficient, and attractive, you'd regret not implementing it sooner!

We offer an end-to-end solution by providing the best website builder for restaurants. However, this is not all! We add in special offers, tracking info, illustrative graphics, blogs and news articles. We also integrate an image carousel to show off your best foot forward or your fire social media game. Use our builder to colour match your interiors and cuisine to your website, menu, and images. Go Nuts! Reaching new sets of customers is now easier than ever. Rank, attract, and earn!


Restaurant Website Development

Our talented creators understand that website design should be fluid. More importantly, it should be quickly adaptable to the changing business needs. With every change that occurs, nobody has the time for redesigning, so we set you up with a Restaurant website development that provides a long term solution for your business.

We ensure that when customers place an order online or in-store POS, it is seamlessly connected to applications, printers, and notification workflows for an unbeatable customer experience.

From providing general information to littlest of details, the customer will see it as a window to your restaurant, even before visiting! To name a few, we help in:

Designing webpages that reflect your vibe, but also are elegant and enticing.

Slick designs with engaging banner images and GIFs to highlight any promotions, updates, or offers.

Designing a placeholder for all crucial information, on the homepage, like operational hours, wait times, chef recommended dishes, testimonials, social media, or even Facebook and Pinterest feed! The possibilities are endless.

Designing an easy interface and navigating links to the carefully detailed menus.

Designing the menu to look appetising with alluring pictures and information that nudges the customer to click “Order Now.”

Designing events, colour coordination, and customisations that reflect and preserve the brand that you have worked so hard on.

Enticing information related to the business and upsell pop-ups.

Monitoring and prompting for Google reviews on checkout.

Incorporating ordering based on recipes - meaning every item dynamically reflects the change in allergen indicators, based on the customisation that the customer has made to a dish.

How Does It Help Your Venture?
Generating Traffic

Having a landing page, dedicated website, and robust social media presence, can boost your visibility and attract potentially regular customers. As the business grows, it is crucial to have loyal consumers. However, it can be a daunting and never-ending task, especially when you are not aware of the finer details or tricks and trades of how to digitally engage with your patrons for all the extra revenue that matures from their repeat visits and online orders on your restaurant website.

Visual Effects

People eat with their eyes and as appealing as your dishes maybe, but if you aren’t able to attract customers when they are browsing online, then all efforts will go to waste. Visually appealing content acts as an advertisement and lures consumers to your door. You can read more about some really helpful tips here!

Increase in Revenue

As the world order has grown, more and more reliance has been put on online transactions. They are easier, quicker, and the management of finances is efficient. An online presence helps you overcome the limitations of advertisement, and enables you to run your business without food aggregators pushing things on you.

Moreover, suppose you get the design and content right. In that case, the webpage will be listed on Google and over time, it can generate Adsense too!

User Engagement

Features like order tracking, designer pop-ups, engaging content, detailed menu, makes people feel like they are being attended to, and the business owner has thought of everything.

Streamline the Brand

When designing your online presence, be mindful that it is in line with your brand, values, and goals. However, without professional knowledge, not being able to design a website correctly can be disastrous, and this is where OrderArt comes in!

Why Choose OrderArt?

OrderArt's ordering online system is thorough and completely transparent in the way it functions. We understand how dynamic the hospitality business is, and with margin per orders squeezed tighter than ever, the need for customisation grows.

This is why we provide the option of having a minimum order value, the menu and the delectable images can be changed easily and anytime, with seasonal and special offers, including appealing add ons. It is the best online ordering system that you can get installed in no time and ride the trend that is here to stay for your business's success!

Here's why you should go for OrderArt

  • Build a custom design and a professional-looking website.
  • Personalise your menu to say and display however you want.
  • Booking tables 24/7.
  • Promoting your business with our powerful tools.
  • A built-in online ordering system.
  • Automated Whatsapp and message reservations
  • Easy analytics and management.
  • Secure and protected.

Gone are the days where a business owner would be seen sitting in front of a system, pulling their hair out in frustration over being unable to figure out how the internet works — no more cost of hiring a developer and devoting significant time to ensuring everything is done correctly.

OrderArt's restaurant website builder does it all for you with minimal hassle. It will also be mobile and tablet-friendly and optimised as per Google analytics. Get your website up and running in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
A Restaurant Online Ordering System is software that allows an establishment to accept and fulfil food orders coming through the online ordering website. Customers visit the website, browse the menu, prices, pictures, and then place an order by selecting online payments, reward points, or cash on delivery. The order then goes to the restaurant's interface for them to process and fulfil. One of the best food websites designe are the ones that are able to run smoothly on a mobile, PC, and tablets.