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Many people may have you believe that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a one and done thing. But what happens when something unprecedented happens, and you need to adapt?

If there is anything that the pandemic has taught us, it is that if a strategy has been successful before, there is no guarantee that the success will last.

At OrderArt, we understand that demand fluctuates. By maintaining the rankings on targeted keywords, we ensure that when the demand returns, you are far ahead of the competition.

Stuck In A Rut? OrderArt has the Solution!

With instant gratification and the need for quick results running the show, if you are not among the top Google’s searches, your business is practically invisible, regardless how good your restaurant is.

When done right, SEO services have the capability to boost your revenues and rankings to unimaginable levels! No, we are not just saying it, we have got the results and statistics to back it up. About 60% of the customers search online before walking into a restaurant, and 75% of the users do not go beyond the first page of Google.

OrderArt has some of the most talented SEO experts in its arsenal. Our clients stay ahead of the pesky and ever-changing Google algorithm, and in turn, they stay ahead of the competition!

What Makes OrderArt Stand Out?

To see quantifiable results, we combine tested and tried marketing strategies with promotion over texts, socials, and expert positioning over the web. The campaigns that we craft ensure that your services reach the targeted customers and turn clicks into orders.

Some agencies scatter at the first signs of distress and are only interested in offering short-term solutions, but that’s not us. We deploy powerful SEO techniques with natural link building that guarantees that fruits of your labour are seen for as long as the business runs.

Experts at OrderArt know how crucial it is to market the right words towards the right people. By targeting carefully planned and assessed keywords, we remove unwanted visitors.

We continuously evaluate and improvise to ensure that your restaurant gets greater visibility and generates profitable leads.

Our content creation team actively works with SEO to create a balance. We do not believe in stuffing keywords and putting out redundant content. We flawlessly walk the tightrope between using the right amount of SEO while keeping the content helpful and engaging.

Our Recipe for SEO Success

While we never encourage our clients to give out their delectable recipes, just for this once, we will let you in on a secret of how we flawlessly speak the language of the internet!


Step 1: Extensive Analysis of Current Web Presence and Competition

OrderArt has conducted in-depth research to know how exactly every element of the hospitality industry functions. What we want to discover, while working with you, is your place in this competitive industry and targeted audience. We also look at your current website, critically analyze the elements to fix, while focusing on keyword analysis and mapping.


Step 2: On-Page Optimization

Next comes optimization. This is a one-time activity and usually takes around 1-2 weeks. At this stage, we look into internalization and optimization of links, images, header tags, and meta tags.

Our SEO experts then work on bridging the gap between what is and what should be.

We also integrate Google Analytics, which is a crucial step and does wonders for ranking a page. Without going into the boring technicalities, just know we are taking care of everything and performing vital activities in the background!


Step 3: Off-Page Optimization

This is an ongoing activity. OrderArt works diligently in creating live backlinks daily. It ensures your business stays ahead of ever-evolving trends and still ranks high, regardless of the shift in consumer sentiments.

We create business listings, promote Google reviews, evaluate the Keyword Ranking Measurements, among others. Our research is always ongoing. We have discovered that 'best restaurant near me' is THE new trending keyword and has gotten unprecedented levels of searches in recent years.

Since the location isn't part of the usual search, the old SEO techniques don't work well enough to rank these keywords.

At OrderArt, we have devoted valuable resources and countless hours in research. We work, in perfect sync, with our clients to define an ideal strategy to rank both for location and 'near me' keywords.


Step 4: Content Curation

We then work on creating engaging content with the highly valuable keywords that help in improving traffic and generate interest in services provided by you. Be it article writing, social profile building, microblogging, content promotion, or various write ups across every platform, OrderArt does everything from front to end.

Why Does A Restaurant Need SEO?

When your website is visible to the targeted customers, it:

Generates organic traffic and gives you potential leads.

Can quadruple your revenues, putting you far ahead of the competition.

Is cost-effective and provides an excellent ROI.

Creates brand awareness.

Creates long-lasting effects and savings on marketing expenses.

Read our helpful blog if you are unsure about what SEO is and need tips on improving the rankings.


OrderArt specialized in performing SEO services for restaurants. Our experts have been around for a long-time to see the industry evolve and grow into what it is today. We know what works and how to power through the ever-changing algorithm. Don’t believe us; believe our shockingly effective portfolio made up of pure results.

OrderArt knows that SEO is not about just getting the traffic; it doesn't matter until the right people that you want to target visit your website. We leave no stone unturned, and even after you have got the results, we continue to work hard to sustain them!