More than 450 million posts under the #food and #drinks on Instagram, chances are your customers are already posting about you without being able to interact with your establishment.

When about 3/4th people are already influenced by online comments and reviews, managing social media should be a priority. However, it isn't all about posting attractive pictures. There is a lot more than meets the eye.

At OrderArt, we don't deploy a one size fits all solution because when does it ever work? Every business is different, especially when it comes to devising a social media strategy.

Too Many Options? Enlist OrderArt's Expertise!

With over 100 social media channels with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google, TripAdvisor being the major players - how do you know which platform is best suited to your business?

Social media has transformed how people conduct business. OrderArt steps in with years of experience in tow to help you figure out how to turn it into an opportunity and maximize your potential. We ensure that no matter what the change our clients stay ahead of the curve and stay two steps above their competition.

Taking Care of Everything

You can try running your own show on social media. With many elements to manage, chances are that it may not pay off in a way that actually generates revenue. Right from the display name, deciding handle, curating photos and engaging captions, to constantly monitoring the analytics, the wheels are always turning in the background.

Curating Engaging Content

One of the most distinguishable features of OrderArt is our engaging content. Our team of creative writers churn out words that will not only promote your product but is also catchy and attractive. We also throw in SEO services into the mix to absolutely maximize the potential. It generates leads and gives you a leg up in the competition.

We Do Things Differently

It is time to play the hashtag game and turn it into an advantage. So, how do we do it? The short answer – passion, dedication, and the sheer love of what we do.


Step 1: Getting To Know You

We start by getting to know your business, goals, target audience, and current marketing strategy. Based on the information, we determine what platform vibes with your business the best and where your customers are headed.


Step 2: Listening And Observing

You'd be surprised by the sheer amount of things we can learn just by observing and monitoring the feedback online. In today's world, the customer is king and if the reputation tanks online, you can kiss the revenue and growth goodbye.


Step 3: Engage And Connect

The goal of using social media always will remain the same; it is the "how" that differs and matters! Our team of experienced marketers and copywriters curate content and post them at a carefully evaluated time when your followers are the most active. Much effort and thinking go behind every post, but all of it is wasted if you are just blasting it out there without any engagement. We hype you up and ensure others are doing the same!


Step 4: Promte and Expand

While posting and curating a feed is crucial, it is equally important that your business's uniqueness and promotions are brought forward. We smartly use the platforms for free advertising and continually monitor and track the performance.

After engaging, we don't isolate you from the decision-making process. You will always be an integral part, and we work closely to weave your philosophy into each post.

OrderArt Goes Above And Beyond

Along with social media marketing, we also initiate SMS and Email Marketing. While the message may have slinked away from the limelight, they still hold importance, especially when it comes to reeling in mature customers.

We send out bulk SMS and attractively designed newsletters that contain all the vital information that holds the power to convince a potential customer to walk in through your doors. It is an easy way and a direct way to engage. We don't believe in spamming, and every message sent will add value.

OrderArt ensures a touch of personalization in the messages going out so that it becomes a great vessel to promote an upcoming offer or an event. We don't do the guesswork – with our careful testing techniques we know exactly what SMS is the most clickable.

Our proactive team also believes strongly in the power of feedback. Through the usage of surveys and thank you messages, we give the attention and care that your customers deserve even after they have left your place!

Benefits Of Having A Robust Online Presence

Creating brand awareness at little to no cost.

Helps generate the correct buzz around your products and services.

Easy to get feedback on what your customers are saying.

New and creative ways to blast out promotions.

Easy tools to track and measure engagement.

More than 65% of Australians interact on social media before deciding on where to go.

Earns loyalty and trust.

Helps to capture the elusive attention in an already saturated marketplace.