Table Ordering


The future is touchless. To stay relevant, businesses need to adapt fast as customers enjoy and increasingly prioritize convenience. With our table ordering options, you give them the power of exploring options however they want.

They can easily browse through the menu with a simple scan of the QR Code, proceed to order, and even pay directly without bothering with the traditional customs of engaging a server. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet to scan and get browsing!

OrderArt's table ordering ensures that your restaurant's aesthetic is not lost, and is well-aligned with your brand through our NFC tags and QR codes, whether you want it on cardboard, wood, or stone.

With no app or download requirements, customers can easily place orders and even repeats, without waiting to grab the staff's attention. For groups of people, it is even easier than ever to order their own dishes and pay for them as they go! Here are the steps if you are still confused about the working of it all:


Step 1: Scan the QR code with the camera app to view the menu.


Step 2: Swipe or scroll through the dishes to select. Place your order and pay.


Step 3: Order is brought to the table


Step 4: After finishing, customers can choose to order more or simply leave.

Time to Move On to the Next BIG Thing!

Ideal for any establishment that entertains patrons and doles out deliciousness, OrderArt's table ordering system is highly customizable and versatile. Apart from this, we also offer the following features:

Smart Menus

No more wasting time on crafting of budget on menu printing and cutting corners. Digitally design your menu, however you want, with mouth-pictures images that will help your customers make a decision about what to order.

OrderArt can also help you display timed dishes, such as seasonal specials, and you can also decide how much information to display about each item.

Discounts and Promotions

With OrderArt's table ordering, it is easy to create promotions and discounts built-in to the dynamic menu that helps make the customer aware of the offers that are going on.

Ease of Implementation

It is completely cloud based, meaning it is easy to access, change, and implement. No requirement of new hardware or training of staff required!

Secure Payments

OrderArt's table ordering system is completely secure and processes payment lightning-fast. It also provides multiple payment options.

Speedy Service

Our innovative service eradicates many manual errors and delays that can otherwise occur if an employee was greeting the customers, taking their orders, punching them in, and finally taking them to the kitchen. With direct orders from QR scanning, the food can be delivered hot, fresh, and fast to the table!

Attractive Benefits of Table Ordering
Labour Costs Will Nosedive

Since customers will be able to look up the menu, order, and pay, all from the click of the button, it allows you to optimize the staff's time and energy on other vital things.

Increase in Revenue

Immediate pop-ups, attractive digital art, and plugged-in discounts can motivate customers to order more, increasing per-table turnover.

Better Customization

Customer experience is key. OrderArt ensures that we stay true to your vision and branding, from the menu designing to the ordering process. Even if there are changes down the line, they are easy to incorporate without bothering about the costs of printing new menus.

Specially Built for Hospitality Industry

Our table ordering solution specially caters to the restaurant industry. After spending hours of research and valuable resources, we know how things work inside out. Our table ordering solution is integrated into your core system to automatically record orders.

No Downloads Needed

There is no need to download a specific application for the customers to start ordering. It is easy to use and navigate.

Multiple Payment Options

Whether it is via Credit Card, Debit Card, Google Pay™, or Apple Pay™, our table ordering solution comes with everything built-in.