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3 Key Attributes Of Website Design

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While developing a business website, a restaurant’s no less; you want to grab the attention of the visitor right off the bat. Studies have shown that it takes a visitor just about a few seconds to decide whether they want to spend more time on a specific website, and the design of the site plays a critical role in their decision making. This is why it is important to put time and money into building a website that brings in revenue and compels the reader to explore more. How?

Here are three key attributes of website design that you need to keep in mind. If you want to build a website for your restaurant without any hassle, contact Orderart and leave everything to us.

Organized Layout

The layout of your website should be organized and clutter-free. Sounds simple enough, right? But you’d be surprised how many website developers fail to do exactly this. As soon as a customer lands on any of your website pages, it should be easy for them to navigate their way around, and find the thing they’re looking for, and also have options to explore more. The tabs of each important page, such as Menu, About Us and Contact Us, should be clearly visible and easily accessible to the customer.

The entire website needs to be interlinked and should have a consistent theme. It also needs to be optimized for mobile and tablet-use, because your customers could be accessing the site from any of their devices. It would also factor into your search engine rankings, so you simply cannot compromise with your website’s layout. If you want to have a website for your restaurant built without doing the actual work, you can connect with Orderart and rest easy. We provide restaurant website builder services and deliver as per the requirements of our clients.


Aesthetic websites sweep the prize any day. You can make your website pleasant-looking by adding drool-worthy pictures of food items, drinks and encapsulating the ambience of your restaurant in pictures to lure customers in. The theme of the website should match the graphics that you upload.

Consistency is key. Moreover, ensure that every word and line is legible, and your reader doesn’t have to try hard to make sense of what’s written on your website. Choose your website’s font wisely. If you want to build an aesthetic website for your online ordering system, contact Orderart today.

Fresh content

Restaurant Website Design Solution

Content plays a pivotal role in optimizing the overall design of the website. Post some kind of content or the other regularly, be it visual or textual, and keep things simple and concise.

Make sure it sends out a message about your restaurant, the services you offer, or your brand image to keep the visitors hooked and to compel them to browse your website further, and even to order something from your eatery online. Provide clear calls to action. To receive guidance and tips for building the perfect website for your restaurant online ordering platform, connect with Orderart today.

Here’s Why You Need A Website For Your Restaurant

Restaurant Website Builder in Melbourne

In recent years, there has been an influx of businesses in the digital space. The main reason for such a rise in business websites is that nowadays, customers like to browse the internet before they try any product and service. If you’re not present in the digital space, you’re simply a ghost to a vast number of potential consumers, as simple as that.While there are many ways of establishing a presence on the internet, including using social media platforms, and making use of Google Tools, the prime way of letting your guests know that you run a successful restaurant is by building an eye-catching website. There are numerous advantages of having a website for your restaurant, apart from, of course, fishing for customers.

  1. Brand Image

Restaurant Website Builder in Melbourne

When you’re running a business, including a restaurant, you need your readers and viewers to know about your brand image. Having a website can instantly tell your brand’s story to hundreds and thousands of visitors and convey what services you offer, what values you stand for and how you can help your customers get what they need.

An aesthetic and informative website can leave an excellent impression on the minds of your readers and compel them to indulge in the services you offer, in this case, food. For a restaurant website, it’s important to retain your visitor’s attention with images of mouth-watering cuisines that hooks them up and compel them to browse further, ultimately leading to conversion.

You can differentiate yourself from your competitors and try to stand out on the World Wide Web. If you want to build a website for your restaurant but don’t know where or how to start, allow Orderart to help you figure things out. We provide top-notch restaurant website builder services.

  1. Low-cost advertising


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Advertising is an important part of letting the world know that you run a restaurant. Needless to say, print ads and TV commercials can be extremely expensive. However, if you have a website for your restaurant, you can significantly cut your advertising costs.

You can advertise your eatery’s whole menu with no additional charge, flaunt the images of your best dishes, and keep your customers informed on what’s new today. You can also make use of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to keep your followers updated on recent trends or grab the attention of brand new guests. A website can also help in restaurant online ordering, which would provide convenience to both the customers and your staff.

  1. Add Testimonials

Positive reviews from past customers and restaurant critics can immensely help your case if you’re hunting for fresh customers or want to retain the old ones. If you have a website, your chances of getting featured on a prominent food or lifestyle publication increase manifold. This publicity can help enhance your brand image, get more traffic to your websites, leading to more orders and more revenue.

You can use the power of testimonials only if you have a website. Therefore, without further ado, build a website for your restaurant and integrate an online ordering system. Contact the Orderart now to get started!

Importance Of Restaurant POS System

Restaurants have to deal with a daily influx of cash; to that end, traditional methods of accepting payment simply won’t do in the present climate. It’s high time that every online food ordering platform begins to adopt a POS system to streamline its financial operations. It also has plenty of other benefits. Read on to know why it is a must for every thriving restaurant to operate an efficient point-of-sale system and make things easier.

Restaurant POS System

Helps In Tracking Cash:

It’s no secret that restaurants have to deal with heaps of cash and credit every day, with countless people ordering sizzling food from either the restaurant itself or through an online ordering website. This makes it crucial to come up with a seamless way of tracking what comes in and what goes out. The cutting-edge technology of POS ensures that you are always in the know of your money. What’s more is that it makes it easier and more secure for you to accept payment via credit card, which most people do these days. Additionally, it can also prevent employee theft.

Specialized Features:

POS systems are built to cater to the needs of specific industries. Restaurant POS is exclusively designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. It entails various handy features that can make day-to-day and long-term operational goals a piece of cake. For instance, a restaurant POS can extensively manage the menu of your online food ordering software. It can also contribute immensely to food inventory management, which is imperative if you’re running an around-the-clock kitchen. In addition to this, the technology of tableside ordering is gaining steam among the patrons, who love how easy it is to place orders and make payment with the invention. And what makes it possible to run an efficient tableside ordering system? Brownie points for guessing it right, POS!

Detailed Reports:

You don’t need us to tell you just how important analytics are while running a business these days. It helps in recording, analyzing, and processing the numbers to use the same in augmenting both sales and revenue. Thus, it is crucial that you master the arts of analytics. POS has proven itself to be phenomenal at this job. The prime reason why avant-garde technology is great at statistical reports is that it can be industry-specific. So, if you’re operating an online food ordering system, POS can give you input about your staff, on dishes, on the menu design, and various other variables.

How To Get Better At Food Inventory Management?

Food Inventory management is highly crucial while running an online food ordering platform or a restaurant ordering system. You don’t want to serve spoiled dishes to your customers and lose face in front of your competitors. But as much as it is important, inventory management can be a bit tricky. Here are some cheat codes that could help you optimally manage the food inventory of your online ordering system.

Food Inventory Management

Create A Specialised Taskforce:

Food inventory management is not a one-man job. It requires a team of highly efficient, diligent, and committed people. So, the first and perhaps the most vital step at optimum management is identifying the employees that fit that bill and briefing them up on the objectives. The members could then guide other workers, namely chefs and waiters, to report on any spillage, wastage, leftovers, and such and keep track of what goes in and out. At the end of a fixed cycle, a detailed report of the same could be mapped out.

Examine And Manage Stock Levels:

Telling your loyal patrons that you’re out of a certain ingredient, so they can’t get the dish they’ve ordered is bad for business. On the other hand, hoarding a particular item when there is no need for it is also unwise from the financial perspective. You’ll end up spending loads of cash on something that won’t bring in profits. Thus, it is essential to manage the stock levels, so you never have too much of something, nor have little of anything. This will prevent wastage and keep the customers that give you good business happy.

Track What Goes In And Out:

Keeping a watchful eye on what has been added to the inventory and what has been subtracted and keeping a log of it all can prove to be immensely helpful in optimal management. You always want to be on top of things and know almost immediately if there are any discrepancies in the official books.

Minimize Wastage:

Try to ensure that the inventory of your online ordering website on paper matches your inventory of off-paper. The one way to do this is to avoid any wastage or spillage from occurring. Instruct the waiters, the chefs, and all the other kitchen workers to handle their load efficiently. In case there are any accidents, the same should be reported to someone from the inventory management team almost immediately, so the log of the same could be kept, lest any discrepancies crop up.

Automation Strategies For Restaurants

The cutting-edge technology of automation is spreading like wildfire across the hospitality industry. The restaurant biz, in particular, has been embracing the wonders of automation, in one way or the other. This has streamlined their operation and helped immensely in taking the sales and revenue sky high. If you’re contemplating adopting automation for your restaurant ordering system, read on to know some nifty strategies to kickstart the reform.

Restaurant Automation Strategies

Online Reservation:

The more you make your customers wait due to insufficient seats, the faster you’ll lose potential customers. Introducing an online reservation system will ensure that people don’t line up at the entrance, waiting for their chance to score a table. The customers could book their table through an online portal, which can give them intel about the total number of spots available. They could then reserve a table ahead of time and save themselves the experience of cooling their heels. Both the business and time could be saved by this simple strategic maneuver.

Efficient Online Ordering System:

With a smartphone in nearly every pocket, online ordering has become the trend of the day. Customers find the no-contact order and delivery much favorable to the traditional means. Moreover, the threat of the covid pandemic that loomed over our heads in 2020 has made the concept of online delivery all the more enticing. To that end, it is pivotal that an efficient online ordering system is implemented. Devise a portal through which the patrons could browse the e-menu and place the order for the dish they want. Enlighten them about the estimated time of arrival and a few other particulars. This will not only benefit the customers who don’t wish to drag themselves to an eatery but also the restaurant, which can cater to an abundance of customers with ease.

Improve Marketing Strategies:

Capitalizing on email, SMS, and social media marketing is the wisest thing you could do to increase the revenue of your online food ordering platform. Promoting your brand on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, or constructing a phenomenal website through a restaurant website builder, is the least that can be done. Crank your email marketing up a notch by introducing weekly or monthly newsletters and keeping your patrons up to date on what’s new. This can also prove to be a great opportunity to connect with your customers on a more personal level and give them more reasons to order from your online ordering system.

Actual Tips That Work To Promote Restaurants Online

The restaurant biz is indeed a tightly competitive one, no arguments there. To stay in the game, you’ve got to try every move in the playbook and ensure that you always have the upper hand. One way to do this is by having an immense online presence. Using social media platforms and the wonders of email marketing would expand your reach. Read on to know some invaluable tips to promote your restaurant ordering system online.

Tips to Promote Restaurant Online

Aesthetic Pictures:

This point cannot be emphasised enough. Uploading drool-worthy pictures of food that your customers may find irresistible is the top tactic that you could use to build an online presence. This is where Instagram comes into the scene. Upload sublime photos of your dishes with catchy captions, and watch your sales reach sky high.

Develop A Website:

A website is the first step in building an online presence. Customers could judge your restaurant by the design of the website, the font, the images, the segments, the feedback, and several other things, before deciding to order something. This makes it vital for you to make a good first impression by developing a flawless website, with all kinds of information to be found on one spot.

Social Media And Influencer Marketing:

Social Media plays a pivotal role in the promotion of brands. It goes without saying, having a social media account is imperative if you want your online food ordering platform to be recognised. The one form of marketing that has been gaining friction of late is influencer marketing. Under this strategy, you can reach out to individuals with a large following to promote your brand on their account. This will give your online ordering system much visibility and attract customers. You can also invite such influencers to try out your service and give an in-depth review of the same to their followers. This is another way through which you can let thousands of people know that you’re worth checking out. Of course, this can prove to be a little expensive, but trust us, it’s worth every penny.

Stay Trendy And Introduce A Loyalty Program:

Always be on the lookout for what’s trending. Research the current statistics and facts, and stay on top of things at all times. You can also work out a loyalty program and promote the same on the internet. Under this, you can arrange a reward system for your online ordering website and entice people into buying your services in exchange for exciting prizes or discount coupons.

Why Is A Food Online Ordering App An Absolute Must?

Be it clothes, books, or food, people would rather order things online with a few clicks and taps than make an effort to go out and shop. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that nailing the online delivery game is crucial to stay far ahead. This is where a fantastic food online ordering app can come in handy. Read on to know why it is an absolute must to develop an app for a food delivery system.

Food Delivery System

Smooth Sailing Experience:

No human interactions, no need for making small talk, just eating good food from the comfort of your couch and binging on trending shows – this is why people prefer to order online. The customers can take their time browsing the menu and choose what they want. They could even decide to cancel in the nick of time if they change their mind. Easy peasy! Online food ordering websites could have it simple too. Having an ordering app indeed opens up an abundance of avenues for smooth sailing in terms of ordering, delivery, and payment.

 Good Food Is Just One-Click Away:

With a huge number of people deeply engrossed in their smartphones, an online food ordering platform can be exposed to a host of customers. If the same customers have an option to buy good food with just a click, half of these would order out of sheer boredom, or maybe because there’s a new Netflix film out, which practically happens every other week. Factoring it all in, you could augment your customer base trifold by allowing the folks to order through an online portal, with easy payment options available.

 Simple Marketing:

Best Restaurant Website and App Design

When you have a specialised app for your food delivery system, it’s easy to market it online and increase your customer base. Having an Instagram or Facebook page, with a direct link to the app in the bio, and continuous content marketing can do wonders for your sales. This is a much cheaper alternative to physical marketing, which can be tricky, tiresome, and to some extent, even expensive. But with an online presence, you could win customers without rushing to capture advertisers.

 Huge Cache Of Customer Data:

When people sign up to an online ordering website app, they generally have to give up their email addresses, numbers, names, and whatnot. These can be used for email marketing purposes or for getting insights on which customer orders more. The regulars could then be treated with special discounts or reward points for loyalty. This will also help immeasurably in retaining customers.

How To Design A Menu That Attracts And Generates Order?

You’d be surprised to find out that a sublime menu design can actually persuade your customers to order more. This is why it is crucial to always put your best foot forward when it comes to crafting the menu card. To corner the market, you’ve simply got to come up with an ultimate game plan to draft a menu for your online food ordering platform and capture the largest share. Read on to know some tips on how you can achieve this.

Best online ordering system

Cost-Effectiveness First:

While designing the menu for online food ordering websites, ensure that you always put your most cost-effective creations first. By this, we mean those dishes that require inexpensive ingredients for preparation but those which can be sold at sky-high rates. One sneaky tactic to achieve this is to put such cuisines in the Specials section. Humans are naturally drawn to anything that screams unique. Certain exquisite dishes, which you know will bring lots of profits home, need to be on the front page.

Describe The Cuisines:

Restaurants with Online Ordering

Restaurants tend to add some originality to the mix. It could be the chef’s special sauce or a unique combination of different veggies; letting your customers know what they’ll be getting into before ordering something will help your online ordering website in capturing a large share in the market.

Moreover, if a person is allergic to a certain ingredient, you could save yourself a ton of time, and reputation, by allowing them to back out from ordering a particular food item. This trick would also give you an opportunity to let the folks know that you’re always ahead of the curve. Trust us, this will do wonders for your online food ordering system.

Manage The Space Efficiently:

You don’t want to design too big a menu card. At the same time, you don’t want to clutter the card with too much information or with several dishes stacked on one page either. Managing the space is the first big challenge that you’ll face while crafting the menu. If you could master the task, you’d indeed create a fine card.

Use Aesthetic Images To Complement The Writing:

Pictorial representation can strike a chord with your customers like no other. Take advantage of this by adding drool-worthy pictures of the dishes to complement the description of the same. Believe us when we say that some folks order just by looking at the images of delectable food items.

Essentials For Restaurants To Survive Post Pandemic

The Covid Pandemic shackled the Hospitality industry and restaurant online ordering system, like never before. Recuperating from such a disaster is going to be tricky, especially for restaurants, which have witnessed an unprecedented dip in customers ever since the inception of the disease. But as long as business owners and online food ordering systems keep the following essentials in mind, staying afloat can be a breeze.

Restaurant Online Ordering System

Take All The Safety Measures:

Having just survived a pandemic, people might have some misgivings about returning to restaurants. At this point, you must let the customers know that your online food ordering system is concerned about their health and is willing to do everything to protect them. Thus, play by the book, and follow all the safety protocols issued by the local governing body. Put a proper sanitizing system in place. Establishing a stringent code of conduct in terms of social distancing will put the customers at ease and attract them back. Create placards about the DOs and DON’Ts for sitting in to ensure that people adhere to the rules.

Assess The Menu:

People’s eating habits must have changed immensely during the lockdown. Having spent nearly a year eating home-delivered food ordered from the online food ordering websites, which we can all agree can be different from what is served in restaurants, the customers must indeed feel some dining monotony. Introducing something fresh to the table when everything opens up would invite the customers back in the saddle to break this monotony. Adding new dishes to the menu and spicing things up a little will help in winning the customers back.

Restaurant Online Ordering System

Up The Marketing Game:

Social media is a great tool to let people know that you’re back in business. Send out emails, upload enticing posts on Instagram and Facebook and let your customers know that your restaurant ordering system has returned to taking orders again, and have something new in store for them this time. Brief them on how your eatery has taken all safety measures and has standard operating procedure post-covid in place. This will lure the people back into restaurants, knowing that they can enjoy good food without compromising their health. Crank your marketing strategies up a notch, and focus on inviting the old regulars.

Stay Open For As Long As You Can:

Earning back the lost profit is nearly impossible. But endeavouring to financially recover from the crisis by staying open longer than you did in the pre-covid times might do some real damage control.

Failing To Retain Customers? Try These Tips Out!

Customers can make or break your restaurant, but more often than not, retaining customers can be a hugely challenging task. If you’re struggling to keep your customers, you’ve got to bring out the big guns and be ready to cut corners to stay in the game. Read on to know some nifty tips that can help you achieve this.

Customer Engagement:

Once you’ve earned a new customer, your work doesn’t end, but that’s where it begins. Allowing your customers to know that you’ve always got their back is imperative to earn loyalty from these people and, by the same token, ensure that they don’t fall into competitor’s territory. The only way to do this is by interacting. Sending frequent messages or emails to the customer pool can help boost retention.

If you’ve gained a new pal, send a welcome message; if there are any announcements or promotions to be made, be prompt in letting them know of the same. Always keep your doors open for feedback, and respond to them quickly. If you run an online food ordering platform, it’s critical that you’re always connected with the consumers to retain them.

Restaurant Online Ordering System

Loyalty Program:

Introducing a loyalty program can prove to be beneficial in scoring customer loyalty. This keeps the customers in the loop. Whether it’s a point-based system or prize-based, or any other sort of reward system, people will be drawn to join such programs if they benefit from them in some way.

Any scheme that allows your customers to save money or nab some discount vouchers should be encouraged. This will send a message at large that if your customers are trusting you, you have faith in them as well.

Answer Questions and Respond To Feedback:

Nearly all online food ordering websites and food delivery system have some sort of forum for a Q&A or to invite feedback. But the key thing here is to be prompt in your responses. Don’t allow the questions or feedback to sit idle for days at length. Reply to the questions, address the complaints, and thank the compliments. Your customers need to know that you’re paying attention to them and that you’re not merely after their money.

Online Food Ordering Systems

Social Media Marketing:

As we move more and more towards digitalisation, engaging with customers via social media has never been more crucial. People these days often deal with only such online food ordering systems that have active social media handles and to whom they can easily reach out without having to deal with the red tape.