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How to Turn Customer Reviews Into Opportunities

Turn Customer Reviews Into Opportunities

How to Turn Customer Reviews Into Opportunities

In this age of computers and the internet, nobody does anything without getting a second opinion.  If you run an online food ordering platform, rest assured, any service you provide will be reviewed by the customer. And the same reviews could either increase your sales or decrease them. Read on to know how you can capitalize on customer reviews and create opportunities.

4 Ways To Turn Customer Reviews Into Opportunities

1) Respond to a negative review:

The one mistake that most online food ordering websites make while reading the reviews is, to leave the negative ones as it is. Addressing the grievance of the customer is imperative. If you can solve the problem of the angry reviewer, then promptly do it. However, if the solution is unreachable, the least you can do is acknowledge the bad review and promise better services in the future. This will show potential customers that you have their best interest at heart.

2) Use the review to bring about some reforms:

A lot of reviews could contain some business strategies that you can use to attract more customers to your online food ordering platform. Such reviews could contain suggestions as to how the online ordering website can offer more seamless food ordering services to the consumers. Studying such recommendations and niftily implementing the same as well could augment your sales manifold. Even if it is an angry rant left by a fuming customer, there could be some precious suggestions hidden that could become your key to more revenue.

3) Establish a self-service forum from the reviews:

More often than not, several reviews tend to have the same grievance. Such common queries and grievances can be solved with just one mechanism. You could launch some short video tutorial, or a manual, or even incorporate a section on FAQs in your restaurant ordering system to address commonly issued complaints. The customer can then help themselves in resolving their issue by referring to the tutorial, the manual, or the FAQs section, leaving the consumer satisfied.

4) Constitute a special team:

Compose a special team of employees that specifically deals with reading and analyzing both positive and negative reviews. The conclusion of such comprehensive studies can then be used to formulate and implement strategies to turn negative reviews into positive ones and the positives ones into replications! In this way, you could capitalize on the reviews and increase sales!

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