Delivery Service


OrderArt's vision has been to build the perfect amalgam of technology and services to provide an end to end solution for our clients. Delivery service is the pivotal part of that transformation journey. Our delivery services engage a fleet of fully vetted drivers and superior automation process that keeps manual interception and errors out of play. The drivers are enabled with platform application, automated notifications, maps, click-to-call and variety of tools to remain spontaneous to the demands of our clients especially during those busy hours

The drivers get paid full delivery fare which is only fair to the hardworking crew on the roads.

For all the tedious work, Orderart remains commited to a transparent subscription model.

Reliable Delivery Drivers

Work with the best. We analyse data metrics and generate driver shifts based on growing volume trends, ensuring adequate driver coverage and optimal delivery performance.

Customer Transparency

Offer your customers a premium service, with live GPS tracking, SMS updates and two-way communication. Your customers will remain engaged throughout the process.

Delivery Fee

Calculated on every order based on distance from restaurant to customer premise. Reasonably priced to encourage consumers to leverage the service. Paid directly to the driver without any deductions.

Advanced Operational Management

Orderart POS generated phone orders make it straight to the Orderart delivery system. Its a fully integrated solution.


Let us handle the troublesome last mile deliveries for your business.

We onboard the vetted drivers fleet in your area.

We ensure every order is routed to a rider.

We keep the customers in sync.

We reconcile accounts and settle driver payments.

Business pays fixed cost every month based on number of deliveries processed through the system.